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Where is Paddy Dillon in 2018?

Paddy Dillon walks hard for a living and is always juggling a variety of projects. His work can take him anywhere, and at any time of the year. Next destination - Everywhere!

Treks and Trails - Paddy made extensive explorations of the Azores during 2017. With all nine islands visited, all the information is in hand to create a new guidebook to the archipelago. Another big project was to explore the Mountains of Mallorca, again to create a new guidebook. The North York Moors were comprehensively criss-crossed while updating a long-standing guidebook. The islands of Madeira and Porto Santo were also visited in order to update another long-standing guidebook. Paddy started 2018 by completing a long-distance month-long trek along the GR131 through all seven of the Canary Islands. He cycled through North and Mid-Wales and attended the Backpackers Club AGM in the Shropshire Hills this spring, where he was elected President of the club. He visited Gran Canaria in May to make a traverse across the island. He visited Greenland in the summer, where he walked the Arctic Circle Trail for the third time and signed copies of his guidebook all the way along that remote tundra trail!

Guidebook projects - Paddy had several updated editions of his guidebooks published as new editions throughout 2017. His hugely popular South West Coast Path guide now has three companion map booklets containing detailed 1:25,000 OS mapping of the route. His Pennine Way guidebook was published as a new edition, also with a detailed 1:25,000 map booklet. A new edition of his Cleveland Way and Yorkshire Wolds guidebook was published, again with a detailed 1:25,000 map booklet. Trekking in Mallorca was published as a new edition, complete with detailed 1:25,000 Alpina mapping. Reprints of guidebooks with minor updates included the GR20 Corsica and the Isles of Scilly. During 2018, Mountain Walking in Mallorca was published, along with updated guides to Glyndwr's Way and Madeira. A Polish edition of Walking and Trekking on Iceland has also been published. New projects include preparing a guidebook covering all nine islands in the Azores archipelago. His guidebook to Greenland's Arctic Circle Trail is also being updated as a new edition. Christmas is cancelled as Paddy will be on the islands of Malta and Gozo, updating his guidebook!

Out and About - Paddy finds the time to visit all sorts of odd places for short periods throughout the year. He often delivers 'talks about walks' at various venues. Early in 2018 Paddy delivered a talk about the Mountains of Mallorca in his home town of Ulverston. Later in the year he gave a talk about the Arctic Circle Trail in Kendal, during the Mountain Festival.

The English Lake District - The Lake District is on Paddy's doorstep and is visited regularly throughout the year to keep abreast of route changes and other developments, and because it is one of the finest places anyone could ever wish to walk! Paddy's guidebook to the long-distance Cumbria Way starts in his home town of Ulverston.