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I have always found that I could trust the Cicerone guides and I’m sure this one written by Paddy Dillon, who has produced many successful guides for this publisher, will be as reliable as the others.
Joyce Wilson, Keswick Reminder, reviewing Walking in the North Pennines.

As usual, Paddy’s route description is clear and concise, complemented with some excellent colour photographs. This book is recommended to all those wishing to learn more of what Northumberland has to offer.
Les Maple, Strider Magazine, reviewing The Reivers Way.

Here is a very useful pocket-sized guidebook.
The Northumbrian, reviewing The Reivers Way.

This walking guide is a great companion for the would-be visitor to Madeira or Porto Santo... very accurate and detailed walk descriptions so you won’t put a foot wrong.
Declan Cunningham, Irish Mountain Log, reviewing Walking in Madeira.

This pocket sized guide is an excellent guide to the Drystone Route and should be considered as an excellent starting point for anyone considering walking this route.
Sue Lee, Strider Magazine, reviewing Trekking through Mallorca - GR221.

...pure Paddy Dillon. Here is a true walker who enjoys what he does. His route descriptions are very clear and concise and he makes the footpath come alive in the text... His style is very easy to read and his knowledge and enthusiasm for the path is clear to the reader.
Chris Sainty, Pennine Way Association, reviewing The Pennine Way.

Excellent guide to nine day walking route through Mallorca.
Paul Donnelly, Irish Mountain Log, reviewing Trekking in Mallorca.

Paddy Dillon's pages include practical guidance... as well as general background information... If you hanker after unfrequented routes then the author's enthusiasm for this wild area should start you planning.
Anthony Jones, Austrian Alpine Club, reviewing Trekking in Greenland.

This guide offers all the information experienced backpackers will need to walk this waymarked route and is illustrated with detailed Harvey map extracts and colour photographs. It is a very comprehensive introduction to this classic wilderness walking route and the longest popular trail in Greenland.
Margaret Parker, Strider, reviewing Trekking in Greenland

This guide contains interesting information... useful points... and most colourful landscapes. The photographs... show his love of the island and the amazing landscape that this island has to offer. Another island to add to the list of must dos!
Sue Lee, Strider, reviewing Walking in Sardinia

The introduction and practicalities contents at the start of the guide are very informative... accurate and easy to follow. I would recommend this guide and use it as a holiday planning tool to visit and walk in areas of the island which are accessible using public transport.
Barry Tinkler, Walking on the Web, reviewing Walking in Madeira

'The Mournes Walks' was in number one place on a list of 'The 10 Best Walking Guides'.
Samuel Muston, The Independent

This book is not only a good book, but a down to earth practical book. Paddy gives you all the pre trek beta, and doesn't hide anything. The photos in the book are excellent and leave you in no doubt of the breathtaking scenery.
The Aitchison-Jones Walker's Handbook, reviewing GR20 Corsica - The High Level Route

It is for the serious place-to-place mountain walker... you know that the writer, in a prodigious programme of walking over two years, has himself trodden every step of the ways he describes, solo... the basic elements of the walks will still be there, and the book as useful in 50 years' time as it is today. In its field, this book is more than outstanding - it is unique.
Dick Phillips, Specialist Icelandic Travel Service, reviewing Walking and Trekking in Iceland.

The guidebook is packed with valuable information for both the first-timer and the more experienced hiker... simple yet comprehensive. As always, Paddy Dillon is an excellent guide... the directions are also excellent... the timings are pretty accurate too. This is a great guidebook which I would highly recommend... it fairly does away with the need to carry other guidebooks and maps.
Tina Ennis, Irish Mountain Log, reviewing The GR5 Trail

Packs a punch... extremely practical... an invaluable aid... packed with useful and relevant information. The text is written by someone who obviously loves this beautiful part of England and wishes to share it with others. I would recommend both the format and this publication... I think the Cumbria Way will be getting a visit from me sooner rather than later!
Dairine Nuttall, Irish Mountain Log, reviewing Cumbria Way

Where does Paddy Dillon get his energy from? This is a comprehensive book... the quality of the maps is superb... with this book those who like the adventure of fending for themselves can travel with confidence... very good on the logistics of getting around there and surviving... Dillon excels on route descriptions, and the structure of the book is to be commended.
Jim Ryan, Irish Mountain Log, reviewing Walking and Trekking in Iceland

Paddy Dillon is one of the world's most prodigious walkers... a fine writer, and his latest work, the first serious account of the Cumbria Way, is a model of how such guidebooks should be done... the clearest possible maps... I particularly enjoyed the blunt realism of his many pieces of advice... the guide is bang up to date... he is a great observer and inquirer.
Colin Pickthall, Talk of the Town, reviewing Cumbria Way.

Hats off to Paddy for producing such a stunningly varied collection of fifty walks that will enable you to get to know the North Pennines intimately.
John Manning, Lakeland Walker, reviewing Walking in the North Pennines

This is a book well worth taking on holiday to Malta as it provides opportunities to see and explore parts of the island that would otherwise be missed, as well as giving much additional information about various aspects of island life there.
John Burland, Ilkley Gazette, reviewing Walking on Malta

The guide is lavishly illustrated with photographs, drawings and maps and the book also includes a separate booklet which contains the relevant extract from the Ordnance Survey Explorer map for the region.
Scottish Memories, reviewing Walking the Great Glen Way

...after reading Paddy Dillon's Walking the Great Glen Way I would recommend this book to anyone planning to do this walk... an excellent introduction... a fantastic walk... this guidebook will enhance your enjoyment
Chris Todd, Scottish Mountaineer, reviewing Walking the Great Glen Way

The guidebook provides the walker with practical information, maps and clear route descriptions for every stage of the trail and it fits nicely in your coat pocket - perfect!
Rebecca Hay, Burnley Express, reviewing Walking the Great Glen Way

This is the perfect guide to take you down paths less obvious.
Scotland Outdoors, reviewing Walking on Arran

...compact, concise... giving confidence... complemented with good photographs... to please all ages and conditions of walker.
Scottish Islands Explorer, reviewing Walking on Arran

... comprehensive guide to walking on Arran... latest information on access and facilities... if the indefatigable Paddy Dillon says the walk is remote, arduous or boggy, then do expect all these things and more.
Lucy 'Wallace, Scottish Mountaineer, reviewing Walking on Arran

...extensively re-written and updated... a thoroughly worthwhile purchase... excellent guide.
Undiscovered Scotland, reviewing the Great Glen Way

Paddy Dillon, a prolific writer of guidebooks... so you know you're in safe hands with his guidance... useful information... useful jogs to your memory... many photographs... plenty of reference information... an ideal companion for an alpine trek along the GR5.
Mark Armstrong, High Point Holidays, reviewing The GR5 Trail

This is the essential guidebook to walking the Great Glen Way... The book contains all the information you need to complete the trail, and the author has broken it down into easy to complete stages.
Chantelle Kelly, Outdoor Enthusiast, reviewing the Great Glen Way

A great guide. Maps and clear route descriptions for every stage of the trek are given - in both directions - and a separate OS 1:25,000 mapping booklet is included.
The Scots Magazine, reviewing the Great Glen Way

The indispensable GR5 Trail, by Paddy Dillon, breaks down the trek into daylong segments and gives crucial information about water and food availability, accommodations, and trail conditions.
Jeffrey Tayler, National Geographic Traveler, The GR5 Trail

We took this trusty guidebook with us... and it certainly proved its worth. This book offered plenty of great hikes... gives you the information that you need... is particularly useful... detailed and accurate descriptions... highly recommended.
Trek & Mountain, reviewing Walking in Sardinia

...there’s one friend we made on the path without whom we couldn’t have made the journey. His foresight, wisdom and judgement made impossible days possible and encouraged us through the hardest moments. Without our friend in our pocket, Paddy Dillon, we might not have made it to the end of the path.
Raynor Winn, The Salt Path, commenting on The South West Coast Path

Packed with information, including a whopping appendix that shows the amenities in every town and village along the way, while still being quite compact.
Adventure Travel Magazine, reviewing the Wales Coast Path

The book really is a complete guide in every respect, and I would go so far as to say if you're considering walking the Wales Coast Path, I would make this your Bible.
Nigel Pearce, Long Distance Walkers Association, reviewing The Wales Coast Path

Finally, here’s a guide that brings together information on all 19 long-distance paths that make up our National Trail network. I was barely through the introduction before my feet were itching, thinking about which of these national treasures to walk.
Walk Magazine, reviewing The National Trails

Paddy Dillon has detailed some of the region's best routes... solitude and spectacular views... taking in high ridges, gorges and the lower slopes... perfect for anyone looking to combine sun, sea and mountains.
Rob Slade, Adventure Travel Magazine, reviewing Mountain Walking in Mallorca

For anyone taking a holiday up in County Durham, this is an ideal companion to take and get out into this marvellous countryside which stretches from the high Pennines in the west to the coast in the east.
John Burland, Ilkley Gazette, reviewing Walking in Country Durham

Paddy Dillon has managed to group together some excellent walks... For the first-time visitor to the North Pennines it is a must.
Jerry Rawson, High Magazine, reviewing Walking in the North Pennines.

Paddy Dillon has researched the area very well.
Mike Rayner, Strider, reviewing Walking in the North Pennines.

A very fine effort... An account of a heroic series of walks.
Joss Lynam, Irish Mountain Log, reviewing The Mountains of Ireland.

Impressive amount of work... beautiful pictures... gives sound advice.
Dee Gaffney, Alpine Club Journal, reviewing The Mountains of Ireland.

Will be seen as something of a landmark in the history of Irish hillwalking literature.
Alan Castle, Strider Magazine, reviewing The Mountains of Ireland.

A remarkably comprehensive guide... Bang up to date and well packaged.
Lancashire Evening Post, reviewing The National Trails.

Paddy Dillon has walked every one of them, from start to finish... Well worth having to hand for reference before you start.
Choice Magazine, reviewing The National Trails of Britain & Ireland.

Paddy Dillon has walked them all... Excellent colour photographs... It succeeds admirably.
West Briton, reviewing The National Trails.

Paddy Dillon's knowledge of the trails in the UK and Ireland is unrivalled.
Clive Tully, Editor, Trail Walking Handbook.

Paddy Dillon - who must be a one-man writing factory on Ireland.
Mike Harding, TGO Magazine, reviewing Exploring the North of Ireland.

Beautiful beautiful pictures... details of lots of walks all over the country... and the Ulster Way, of course, a lifetime of walking.
Gay Byrne on the Gay Byrne Show on RTE Radio 1.

This is a neat pocket-sized book, clearly written... useful for linking any of the ways included.
Jean Boydell, Irish Mountain Log, reviewing The Irish Coast to Coast Walk.

Paddy has been the greatest advocate for walking in Ireland.
Quoted from A Sense of Place, The Best of British Outdoor Writing, published by Michael Joseph.

As far as the Guild, and I suspect many others, is concerned, he is "Mr. Walking in Ireland".
Roland Smith, Chairman, Outdoor Writers' Guild.

There aren't many corners of Ireland that haven't felt the light tread of Paddy Dillon's boots, so his observations on the walking opportunities are based on an intimate knowledge of the country.
Observation by John Traynor, Editor, Outdoor Pursuits Magazine.

A very useful guidebook.
Joss Lynam, Irish Mountain Log, reviewing Walking on the Isle of Arran.

Paddy Dillon's book is pretty much an encyclopaedic volume for the walker on Arran.
Charlotte Praeger, Rambling Today, reviewing Walking on the Isle of Arran.

A striking picture indeed.
The Irish Times, commenting about Paddy Dillon's most popular picture of the Castlebar Walks.

Paddy Dillon is one of the younger generation of guidebook writers, but he already has an impressive pedigree and can be relied upon for thorough research and accurate detail.
Kevin Borman, High, reviewing Walking on the Isle of Arran.

I have to admit to being impressed by the amount of information contained in this little guide... excellent and up to date and admirably conveys the true feeling of welcome... an excellent companion.
Kevin Howett, Mountaineering Council of Scotland, reviewing Walking on the Isle of Arran.

This is a very welcome addition to the sparse literature on the Ulster Way... the first guidebook describing the whole route... his route descriptions are detailed.
Joss Lynam, TGO Magazine, Reviewing The Complete Ulster Way.

The descriptions are clear and accurate, and there are good notes about interesting places near the walks... good pics... interesting... enjoyable.
Joss Lynam, Irish Mountain Log, reviewing Irish Coastal Walks.

He has climbed hundreds of mountains, and covered thousands of miles on trails in the UK and around the world, recounting his adventures with infectious enthusiasm and recording detailed information to help others follow in his footsteps.
Rob Howard, Website Editor,

His routes are generally more humane and exploratory.
Michael Viney, The Irish Times, reviewing The Mournes.

Paddy is something of a legend in his own time. He has written and illustrated over 24 guidebooks and booklets, contributed to another 16 titles, and written for almost every outdoor title in Britain and Ireland.
Clive Garrett, Website Editor,

Paddy Dillon has chosen lovely walks which would be very hard to discover without his guide. The book is well presented and excellent value.
Chris Avison, Irish Mountain Log, reviewing The Mournes.

The Mournes have been looked at very closely indeed. The 32 routes, which also cover Slieve Croob and some low-level stuff, are comprehensive, clear and useful... You'll want to go to Ireland now.
Ronald Turnbull, TGO Magazine, reviewing The Mournes.

The walks are meticulously described... with its photographs depicting the lakes, waterfalls, crags and rounded granite domes... a very good introduction to this wonderful part of Wild Wicklow.
Joss Lynam, TGO Magazine, reviewing Twelve Walks in Glendalough.

A lightweight, easy-to-use guide to walks around Glendalough, ranging from short and easy to long and very strenuous. Colour photographs and clear maps are included.
The Rough Guide to Ireland, reviewing Twelve Walks in Glendalough

Paddy Dillon was a natural choice to devise 24 walks in Connacht... well researched... useful advice.
Review of Holiday Walks in Connacht by the Ramblers Association.

Paddy Dillon's detailed route descriptions, realistic timings and an acknowledgement of the mental, as well as the physical challenge to be overcome... is well phrased and should be read and carefully digested by walkers... a handy reference... helpful details... and the colour photos capture some of the atmosphere of the journey... this is a well-researched and practical guide which will be drooled over.
Martin Salter-Smith, TGO Magazine, reviewing the GR20 Corsica - The High Level Route.

GR20 Corsica - The High Level Route by Paddy Dillon (Cicerone Press) is the ultimate route guide to this trek. Good descriptions and enticing illustrations, with easy to view route profiles.
Kev Reynolds, TGO Magazine Trek Spec, commenting on the GR20 Corsica - The High Level Route.

If only I had read this book. My organisational task would have been so much easier and the rucksack loads lighter... Difficult passages are dealt with well giving good advice... This is an up to date guide with essential information... indispensible...It has certainly whetted my appetite to return.
Richard Ayres, reviewing GR20 Corsica for the British Association of European Mountain Leaders.

Perfectly adequate for the GR20.
Dan Bailey, Adventure Travel Magazine, commenting on the GR20.

20 routes for the fitter walker from a great walking writer... useful... convenient.
The Rambler, magazine of the Ramblers Association, reviewing 20 Linear Walks in the Lake District

What an eye-opener this book turned out to be... Paddy Dillon opens up the country with fifty mountain, coastal and levada walks that should appeal to all ages.
Outdoor Pursuits Magazine, reviewing Walking in Madeira.