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Walking on Lanzarote and Fuerteventura

AuthorPaddy Dillon
PublisherCicerone Press
ISBNISBN-13: 978 1 85284 603 9
ISBN-13: 978 9 51236 109 0 (Finnish Edition)
Also available in eBook and Kindle formats
Fractured lava flows near Cueva de los Naturalistas on Lanzarote

Fractured lava flows near Cueva de los Naturalistas on Lanzarote

Rounded volcanic hills in the middle of Isla de Graciosa

Rounded volcanic hills in the middle of Isla de Graciosa

Range of rounded hills near El Cotillo on Fuerteventura

Range of rounded hills near El Cotillo on Fuerteventura

This is one of two guidebooks that replaces Walking in the Canary Islands - East. An update to the original guidebook was planned, then shelved, as the authorities in the Canary Islands embarked on an ambitious plan to signpost and waymark a splendid network of trails across the entire archipelago.

Fuerteventura is renowned for its sandy beaches and surfing scene, but there are also rugged ranges of low mountains, sparsely dotted with interesting villages. Recently, many old mountain trails have been cleared of obstructions and restored for walkers, with splendid signposting and waymarking. One of the longest stretches of the island-hopping GR131 runs all the way through Fuerteventura, from Faro de Jandía to Corralejo, and also includes the tiny Isla de Lobos. From time to time along the trail, basic stone-built shelters offer relief from strong sun and winds.

Lanzarote is full of volcanoes, including some of the oldest in the Canary Islands, as well as an extensive lava-covered landscape dating only from the 1730s. A splendid national park can be visited at Timanfaya, but walking opportunities there are limited. Around the rest of the island, a number of trails have been sparsely signposted and waymarked, and the island-hopping GR131 is beginning to be signposted all the way through Lanzarote, from Playa Blanca to Orzola. Walkers who find themselves at Orzola should catch a ferry to Isla La Graciosa and explore a fine desert island.

The waymarked trails on Lanzarote and Fuerteventura offer 45 days of walking, covering 710km (440 miles). Walkers following the long-distance GR131 across all of the Canary Islands should also refer to the following guidebooks covering La Gomera and El Hierro, La Palma, Tenerife and Gran Canaria.

Walk Contents


South Lanzarote

Walk 1 Femés and Barranco de la Casita
Walk 2 Femés and Pico de las Flores
Walk 3 Femés to Puerto Calero
Walk 4 Femés to Playa Blanca
Walk 5 Playa Blanca to El Golfo
Walk 6 Yaiza to Tinajo
Walk 7 Mozaga to Uga
Walk 8 Cueva de los Naturalistas
Walk 9 Mancha Blanca and Caldera Blanca

North Lanzarote

Walk 10 Cruz de Tejeda to Teror
Walk 11 Cruz de Tejeda to Valleseco
Walk 12 Cruz de La Laguna and Valsendero
Walk 13 Cruz de La Laguna and Las Madres
Walk 14 Teguise to Guatiza
Walk 15 Arrieta to Caleta de Famara
Walk 16 Ye and Salinas del Río

Isla La Graciosa

Walk 17 Caleta del Sebo and Montaña Amarilla
Walk 18 Caleta del Sebo and Montaña Bermeja

GR 131 - Playa Blanca to Orzola 

Walk 19 GR 131 – Playa Blanca to Yaiza
Walk 20 GR 131 – Yaiza to Montaña Blanca
Walk 21 GR 131 – Montaña Blanca to Teguise
Walk 22 GR 131 – Teguise to Haría
Walk 23 GR 131 – Haría to Orzola



Walk 24 El Puertito and Las Talahijas
Walk 25 Gran Valle and Cofete
Walk 26 Pico de la Zarza
Walk 27 Costa Calma and Playa de Sotavento

Mid Fuerteventura

Walk 28 Cardón and Montaña de Cardón
Walk 29 Vega de Río Palmas to Ajuy
Walk 30 Tiscamanita and Morro Jorjado
Walk 31 Antigua to Betancuria

North Fuerteventura

Walk 32 Casillas del Àngel, Tefía and Tetir
Walk 33 Tindaya, Vallebrón and La Matilla
Walk 34 Lajares, El Cotillo and Playa de Esquinzo
Walk 35 Lajares and Calderón Hondo
Walk 36 Parque Natural de Corralejo

GR 131 – El Puertito to Isla de Lobos

Walk 37 GR 131 – Punta de Jandía to Morro Jable
Walk 38 GR 131 – Morro Jable to Barranco de Pecenescal
Walk 39 GR 131 – Barranco de Pecenescal to La Pared
Walk 40 GR 131 – La Pared to Pájara
Walk 41 GR 131 – Pájara to Betancuria
Walk 42 GR 131 – Betancuria to Tefía
Walk 43 GR 131 – Tefía to La Oliva
Walk 44 GR 131 – La Oliva to Corralejo
Walk 45 GR 131 – Isla de Lobos