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Walking on Gran Canaria

AuthorPaddy Dillon
PublisherCicerone Press
ISBNISBN-13: 978 1 85284 602 2 (First Edition)
ISBN-13: 978 1 85284 854 5 (Second Edition)
Also available in eBook and Kindle formats
Roque Nublo is a bizarre summit in the middle of Gran Canaria.

Roque Nublo is a bizarre summit in the middle of Gran Canaria.

The village of El Carrizal is like an avalanche of white houses.

The village of El Carrizal is like an avalanche of white houses.

Rocky pinnacles near El Fraile in the middle of Gran Canaria.

Rocky pinnacles near El Fraile in the middle of Gran Canaria.

This is one of two guidebooks that replaces Walking in the Canary Islands - East. An update to the original guidebook was planned, then shelved, as the authorities in the Canary Islands embarked on an ambitious plan to signpost and waymark a splendid network of trails across the entire archipelago. Work commenced on Gran Canaria, but later stalled, but enough of the trail network was cleared and signposted.

Gran Canaria has often been described as a ‘Continent in Miniature’, and it certainly displays a wealth of fascinating landscapes within a very compact area. Splendid mountains rise in the middle of the island, surrounded by extensive pine forests. Countless barrancos cut deep into the island, flanked by towering cliffs and precariously-perched buildings. The biggest city in the Canary Islands, Las Palmas, is located here, but there are several small towns and dozens of villages dotted all over the island, connected by the most amazingly convoluted network of roads. Many areas have been protected as natural parks.

The waymarked trails on Gran Canaria are almost exclusively yellow/white flashed ‘PR’ routes. Some of these trails link villages together, while others follow mountain ridges or deep barrancos. Many of these trails are concentrated in the high, central mountains, or radiate downhill from there towards the low-lying areas. Of all the Canary Islands, Gran Canaria has yet to complete its stretch of the island-hopping GR131 trail. However, enough is known of the intended route for a version of it to be described in the guidebook, coast-to-coast from Puerto de las Nieves to Maspalomas. Other stages of this long-distance trail are marked across the islands of Lanzarote, Fuerteventura, TenerifeLa PalmaLa Gomera and El Hierro.

Gran Canaria is of course very popular with summer holidaymakers, but for walkers it offers a splendid winter destination, with enough walking routes available to cover several visits, with fine weather almost guaranteed. However, the high, central parts of the island can be damp and misty, and may catch snowfall on rare occasions.

Walk Contents

Santa Brígida and San Mateo

Walk 1 Las Palmas to Santa Brígida
Walk 2 Las Meleguinas to Las Lagunetas
Walk 3 Las Lagunetas and Cruz de Tejeda
Walk 4 Santa Brígida to Teror
Walk 5 San Mateo to Teror
Walk 6 Pico de Bandama and Caldera de Bandama

Valleseco and Teror

Walk 7 Cruz de Tejeda to Teror
Walk 8 Cruz de Tejeda to Valleseco
Walk 9 Cruz de La Laguna and Valsendero
Walk 10 Cruz de La Laguna and Las Madres

Artenara and Tamadaba

Walk 11 Moriscos to Santa María de Guía
Walk 12 Artenara to Tamadaba
Walk 13 San Pedro and Tamadaba
Walk 14 Artenara and Vega de Acusa

La Aldea

Walk 15 Altavista to La Aldea
Walk 16 La Aldea to El Risco
Walk 17 Albercón, Güigüí and Tasártico
Walk 18 Montaña del Viso and La Aldea

Mogán and Las Presas

Walk 19 El Aserrador and El Carrizal
Walk 20 El Aserrador and El Juncal
Walk 21 Presa de las Niñas and Morillo de San Juan
Walk 22 Cruz de San Antonio to Las Casillas
Walk 23 Camino de las Presas

Tejeda and La Culata

Walk 24 Tejeda and Cruz de Tejeda
Walk 25 Tejeda and La Culata
Walk 26 Degollada Becerra and La Culata
Walk 27 Roque Nublo from La Goleta
Walk 28 Cruz Grande to Ayacata
Walk 29 Llanos de Garañón and Pico de las Nieves

San Bartolomé

Walk 30 Santa Lucía and Pico de las Nieves
Walk 31 San Bartolomé and Cruz Grande
Walk 32 San Bartolomé to Arteara
Walk 33 Arteara to Ayagaures
Walk 34 Dunas de Maspalomas


Walk 35 Siete Fuentes to San Mateo
Walk 36 San Mateo to Valsequillo
Walk 37 Valsequillo to Santa Brígida
Walk 38 El Rincón and Cuevas Blancas
Walk 39 Tenteniguada and Caldera de los Marteles
Walk 40 Caldera de los Marteles to Valsequillo

GR 131 – Puerto de las Nieves to Maspalomas

Walk 41 GR 131 – Puerto de las Nieves to Tamadaba
Walk 42 GR 131 – Tamadaba to Cruz de Tejeda
Walk 43 GR 131 – Cruz de Tejeda to San Bartolomé
Walk 44 GR 131 – San Bartolomé to Ayagaures
Walk 45 GR 131 – Ayagaures to Faro de Maspalomas