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Walking on Tenerife

AuthorPaddy Dillon
PublisherCicerone Press
ISBNISBN-13: 978 1 85284 599 5 (First Edition)
ISBN-13: 978 1 85284 793 7 (Second Edition)
(Third Edition due in 2022)
ISBN-13: 978 9 51236 108 3 (Finnish Edition)
Also available in eBook and Kindle formats
Walking through the deep and rugged Barranco del Infierno.

Walking through the deep and rugged Barranco del Infierno.

A dusting of winter snow in the Valle de Ucanca.

A dusting of winter snow in the Valle de Ucanca.

Walkers follow the GR 131 through the national park.

Walkers follow the GR 131 through the national park.

This is one of three guidebooks that replaces Walking in the Canary Islands - West. An update to the original guidebook was planned, then shelved, as the authorities in the Canary Islands embarked on an ambitious plan to signpost and waymark a splendid network of trails across the entire archipelago. After a series of visits to keep a check on the developing trail network, all the routes were walked, photographed and mapped for this new guidebook.

Tenerife is the largest of the Canary Islands, and home to the highest mountain on Spanish territory - El Teide - at 3718m (12,198ft). The centre of the island is a vast caldera, protected as a national park, boasting a splendid network of waymarked trails, ranging from easy to exceptionally rugged, and always wonderfully scenic. The extreme eastern and western peninsulas of Tenerife, Anaga and Teno, feature deep and rugged barrancos, along with uplands covered in laurisilva forest. Since the Spanish conquest of the island, a number of volcanoes have erupted, and some of these are visited on walks.

In recent years new trails were signposted and waymarked on Tenerife. These include the GR 131, which runs across the island from Arona to La Esperanza, passing through the national park in plain view of El Teide. This is one of seven stages of a route planned to cross all seven of the Canary Islands, and the trail across Tenerife can be completed in five days. Other stages of this long-distance route are marked across the islands of Lanzarote, FuerteventuraLa Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro. Shorter ‘PR’ routes, based on traditional paths and mule tracks, have also been cleared, restored and marked.

Tenerife is of course very popular with summer holidaymakers, but for walkers it offers a splendid winter destination, with enough walking routes available to cover several visits, with fine weather almost guaranteed. However, the high, central parts of the island do catch occasional snowfalls, completely transforming semi-desert landscapes.

Walk Contents


Walk 1 Pico del Inglés to Valleseco
Walk 2 Igueste de San Andrés to Chamorga
Walk 3 Chamorga, El Draguillo and Almáciga
Walk 4 Almáciga, Benijo and El Draguillo
Walk 5 Taganana, Afur and La Cumbre
Walk 6 Afur, Taborno and Pico del Inglés
Walk 7 Cruz del Carmen, Chinamada and Punta del Hidalgo
Walk 8 Cruz del Carmen, El Batán and Punta del Hidalgo


Walk 9 Los Poleos and Volcán Chinyero
Walk 10 Garachico to San José de Los Llanos
Walk 11 Santiago del Teide, Chinyero and Erjos
Walk 12 Erjos to Punta de Teno
Walk 13 Erjos, Las Portelas and Masca
Walk 14 Barranco de Masca


Walk 15 Barranco del Infierno
Walk 16 Arona and Roque del Conde
Walk 17 Arona and Roque Imoque
Walk 18 La Escalona, Ifonche and Adeje
Walk 19 Vilaflor and Montaña de la Vica
Walk 20 Vilaflor and the ‘Paisaje Lunar’
Walk 21 Boca de Tauce to Chirche

Valle de la Orotava

Walk 22 Camino de Candelaria - Aguamansa to Arafo
Walk 23 La Caldera and Camino El Topo
Walk 24 La Caldera and Ruta de Agua
Walk 25 El Portillo to Realejo Alto

Parque Nacional

Walk 26 Izaña and Volcán de Fasnia
Walk 27 El Portillo and Alto de Guamaso
Walk 28 El Portillo and Arenas Negras
Walk 29 El Portillo and Montaña Blanca
Walk 30 El Filo to Guajara and Parador
Walk 31 Parador and ascent of Guajara
Walk 32 Parador and circuit of Guajara
Walk 33 Parador and Roques de García
Walk 34 Parador and Montaña Majúa
Walk 35 Parador, Valle de Ucanca and Vilaflor
Walk 36 Parador, Las Lajas and Vilaflor

El Teide

Walk 37 El Teide via Montaña Blanca
Walk 38 El Teide via Pico Viejo
Walk 39 El Teide via Roques de García
Walk 40 The Three Peaks of Tenerife

GR 131 - Arona to La Esperanza

Walk 41 GR 131 - Arona to Vilaflor
Walk 42 GR 131 - Vilaflor to Parador
Walk 43 GR 131 - Parador to El Portillo
Walk 44 GR 131 - El Portillo to La Caldera
Walk 45 GR 131 - La Caldera to La Esperanza